DESN 230: HW#1

Part 1 (100 points): Fill out the PDF, link below, and submit via Blackboard. Make sure you read the directions as to how to properly name the file. The PDF should allow you to fill in the answers in Adobe Reader or Acrobat as well as save the file.

DESN 230 Homework#1 PDF File

Part 2 (100 points): Write a 1-2 page paper about what you would like to learn from this class as well as how you think you will use 3ds Max in your chosen profession. Please use 12 point Arial font and double space the paper. Please include your full name at the top of the paper. Save the file as either a Word document or PDF (preferred format) using the format of LASTNAME-FIRSTNAME_Paper01. Any file not named correctly, will receive half points. There are no right or wrong answers or topics. This assignment will help me get to know you as well as tailor the course more to the general desire of the class.

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